Socio-Political Leader

Kiran Prabhakar is a highly driven socio-political professional with a strong educational background in humanities. Hailing from a long line of farmers in Bihar, she embodies a deep-rooted connection to her family's agricultural heritage. Together with her family, Kiran has dedicated herself to uplifting the region through strategic socio-political initiatives.

Kiran actively advocates for the rights and well-being of girl child, as well as women homemakers. She recognizes the vital role that education plays in empowering women and is working to promote the same in the young girls for their brighter future.

Her commitment extends beyond formal education. She also supports Vedic pathshalas exclusively designed for women, offering them an avenue to explore Vedic culture and spirituality. Furthermore, she collaborates with various institutions to empower village housewives by enhancing their income and promoting self-reliance.

Simultaneously, Kiran champions environmentally friendly agricultural techniques, diligently working towards sustainable farming practices that protect the precious resources of soil, water, and air for future generations.

Recognizing the significance of vital community institutions, Kiran focuses on upgrading village infrastructure and Gram Devi ,Devata temples, aiming to ensure Harmony among Villagers through better Vaastu of these Great Village Institutions. Compassionate towards the elderly members of her community, Kiran organizes religious yatras specifically catered to providing companionship and support to the elderly.

During her leisure time, Kiran indulges in her passions for travel, Hindi poetry writing, and cherishing precious moments with her loving family. As a proud mother , Kiran finds joy in nurturing and witnessing the growth of her children.

Kiran's unwavering dedication can be easily gauged by the fact that she has given up her creature comforts plus lifestyle, and moved far away from her domicile and family in Gurgaon to her Village Khaira Bhudhar , Rohtas (Bihar), where she has set up her residential office. The above proximity to her Janam Bhoomi, combined with her multi-faceted pursuits, positions her as an influential force for positive change in society. Her commitment to empowering women, preserving the environment, and fostering community cohesion exemplifies her profound impact on the lives of those she encounters.

Kiran's biggest ethos and intent remains underpinned to her ideology of impacting lives across the age spectrum, by prioritising societal and environmental well-being over self-gain . She is clearly not in the race of having personal fortune, but is completely seized by creating a fortune for her fellow society members by empowering them.

Kiran envisions to build universities, sports complexes, religious centers and training centers for the Women in each and every block of Bihar.