Kiran firmly believes that farmers are the backbone of the nation, and hence responsible for ensuring Bharat’s food security. With this conviction, she initiated a Biochar project in collaboration with Varhad Capital Pvt Ltd to enhance the soil quality in Bihar. She began implementing this initiative on her own agricultural land. In the subsequent evaluation conducted two months after applying biochar, they discussed its impact with her brothers who are farmers from Khaira Budhar village in Bihar. They noted that the paddy fields treated with biochar remained free from pests, unlike most other fields in their village.

The biochar-treated paddy exhibited robust growth, appearing lush and dark green. Despite being planted late in the season, these fields displayed significant growth. Based on the current results, they were optimistic about a higher yield this year, projecting approximately 3 tons per acre or 7.5 tons of paddy per hectare, attributing this increase to the application of biochar.

Encouraged with the Biochar experiment results on her own land, Kiran’s next step is to create awareness of the same amongst all the farmers of Bihar and not only increase their yields but also enrich, protect, and save our precious soil.