This unique program, organized by Kiran Prabhakar, marks a significant step towards Betterment of the youth of Bihar. For the very first time in Bihar and in fact the whole of India, a Rojgar Mela was held at Kiran’s village of Khaira Budhar and not in a district headquarter or an urban centre.This initiative has brought a Positive Change in the lives of the Youth of Bihar.


  • Empowering Youth
  • Economic Prosperity
  • Professional Guidance
  • Corporate Participation
  • Community Focus

Key Achievements of Samriddhi Rojgar Mela:

  • In Samriddhi Rojgar Mela, 16 well-known companies from various parts of India took part.
  • The recruitment of young candidates from Bihar for 13 roles across more than 16 companies.
  • Over 702 young individuals from Bihar secured employment opportunities at the Samriddhi Rojgar Mela.

Participating Companies