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Total Commitment and Submission to the Constituency.

Sankalp: People - Environment - Earth

Girls - Women - Youth

Vastu and Villages

Rekindle Self and Communities


Prosperity via Creating Opportunities.

Education - Engagement - Empowerment - Execution.

Women - Youth - Farmers.

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Socio-Political Leader

Kiran Prabhakar is a highly driven socio-political professional with a strong educational background in humanities. Hailing from a long line of farmers in Bihar, she embodies a deep-rooted connection to her family's agricultural heritage. Together with her family, Kiran has dedicated herself to uplifting the region through strategic socio-political initiatives.

Kiran actively advocates for the rights and well-being of girl child, as well as women homemakers. She recognizes the vital role that education plays in empowering women and is working to promote the same in the young girls for their brighter future.


Kiran Prabhakar's unwavering commitment and Samarpan to serve her native Bihar has become her Life Mission. She has immersed herself for bringing prosperity to the communities, embodying a lifelong promise to impact lives of villagers, protect the environment and enhance sustainability of land yields via the following initiatives:

  • Encouraging Environmental friendly agriculture by using organic Biochar which conserves the Farm soil and improves the carbon content of the soil.
  • Commited to overall improvement of environment by planting more than 5000 trees every year.
  • Focus on overall education and development of girl child.
  • Empowering village housewives by improving their income opportunities.
  • Renovating old village temples and deities to improve overall village VASTU.
  • Organizing pilgrimage tours for elderly village women of the region.
  • Providing quality job opportunities for the unskilled and semi-skilled youth of the region.
  • The Samriddhi Rojgar Mela facilitated the successful employment opportunity of 702 young individuals from Bihar.
  • Promoted environmentally friendly agriculture by implementing biochar on her 10-acre farm, inspiring local farmers to adopt the practice and reach out to her for guidance.
  • In the span of the past three months, her efforts led to the planting of over 2000 trees.
  • For an extended period, she advocate for girl child education, supporting over 200 girls in various institutions, including those emphasizing Vedic education.
  • Visited nearly 100 local temples and initiated renovation efforts in collaboration with the community people.

Journey So far


Samriddhi Rojgar Mela first ever job fair held in a village. social media buzz and ground connect via Samriddhi doots. 16 participating companies gave 702 jobs.


Mandir Yatra Karyakram Vastu led community building and bonding leading to prosperity, Over 100 temples across the length and breadth of the constituency.


Vriksharopan Abhiyaan Green cover enhancement via vriksharopan in over 250 villages, with more than 1000 saplings.


Buzz with Raksha Bandhan with 800 brothers across the constituency.


Implemented environmentally sustainable farming practices using Biochar method.


Thought leadership and sharing of Seva Samarpan Samriddhi vision and mission at mukhiya meet held at Patna.


Girl and Women education encouragement via Vedic Pathshala and Mahavidyalaya initiative