The Vriksharopan Karyakram stands as Kiran Prabhakar's primary endeavour in the realm of environmental protection. In her initiative, Kiran collaborates with villagers and local councils in her region district to distribute saplings of Aam, Amrud, Anar, Sagwan, Gambhar & Mahogani. Towards this 100 saplings were planted in each administrative block of the constituency. Her commitment to this cause goes beyond a mere seasonal effort; Kiran has made it clear that she intends to carry on this mission for the rest of her life. She actively educates local communities about the importance of afforestation, emphasizing the need for environmental awareness.

Kiran's unwavering commitment to this program showcases her dedication to creating a greener, more sustainable future for the region. This highlights the crucial importance of persistent, long term efforts in environmental preservation.