Kiran Prabhakar's notable initiative, the Mandir Yatra Campaign, started at Maa Mundeshwari temple with a special prayer ceremony. This campaign involves visiting ancient and historic temples in the region, where she actively engages with local communities, promoting awareness about the area's spiritual heritage. What distinguishes Kiran's Mandir Yatra is her commitment to preserving this heritage. She has pledged to oversee the renovation of a hundred heritage temples personally. This effort underscores the cultural significance of these sites and demonstrates Kiran Prabhakar's dedication to preserving her community's historical and spiritual legacy. Through her hands-on approach, she ensures these temples are not only preserved but also cherished for generations.

This passion for Restoring neglected, unkempt, dilapidated Mandirs via and through the village community, led to visiting more than 100 temples across the length and breadth of the constituency and resulted in building strong connections amongst the villagers.